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Project Overview

Lower Jogmai Khola Hydropower Project is a simple Run-of-River type hydropower project located in the Ilam District of eastern Nepal. The project lies at the end reach of the Jogmai River within close proximity of the Mai Beni Hydropower Project, where the river meets the Mai river. The Installed Capacity of the project is 6.2 MW. The project is easily accessible through a 3 km road from Mechi highway at Silpur which has been upgraded by the project. The project is in operation since Nov 1, 2021.

Salient Features

Gross Head

133.1 m

Net Rated Head

123.49 m

Design Discharge

5.78 m3/s

Installed capacity

6.2 MW

Headrace Pipe

2995 m

Net Annual Energy

35.92 GWh